Monday, August 11, 2008

First Platoon

Well as it is a holiday for me ill post a second post today. This time its my first platoon in my Hykron 3rd army. they are drop troops, basicly they capture my objectives for me :). (and die pretty quickly )

Platoon HQ

51 points for them and there power sword and flamer (great squad there good in close combat well at least as good as guardsman get)


Squad 1

70 points for these 10 guys and a plasma gun


Squad 2

68 points for these guys and there grenade launcher (these things are great in the new rules for blast templates

Squad 2

Squad 3

70 points again for them and there melta gun

Squad 3

Remnants Squad 1

40 points for these 5 guys and their melta (great for deep striking behind tanks)

RemSquad 1

Remnants Squad 2

well im not strictly aloud to have these guys in the same platoon (there actually from my second platoon) but they work more with these guys.

42 points for 6 guys and a flamer

Rem Squad 2

Total points = 341

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