Sunday, August 17, 2008


Been a while since i posted anything (mainly because of study commitments, and the fact that no one reads this) so today ill post some pictures of my Leman Russ, Chimera without its Squad, and a Sentinel (i don't actually use the sentinel in my army, i just liked the model ). there not great paint jobs, but i like them.

Leman Russ

155 points for it and its 3 heavy bolter sponsons

Leman russ 1

Leman Russ 2


90 points. multi-laser heavy bolter and extra Armour

Chimera 1

Chimera 4

Chimera 2

Chimera 3


45 points multi-laser

Sentinel  1

Sentinel 2

and thats it from me today, once again sorry about the bad spelling, and photos.

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the other Kevin said...

I just noticed there's another tank in the background. Is that one done yet?