Monday, August 11, 2008


And now for my second post

today post is my only Elite choice in my Hykron 3rd (that’s my army :)) 1500point guard army

100 points of stormtroopers: 8 Stormtroopers 2 Plasma Guns


there made from normal Cadians, but with Catachan (I think I spelt them right) legs. There hell guns are made from bolt guns and wire.

Trooper 1

sorry about the bad photography. One day ill learn how to use this camera. Now incase someone is actually reading this (and if you are thank you for wasting…. I mean errr… no actually that’s what it is wasting you time) I don’t really like these guys something about them just doesn’t seem right. Now ill just post some more of them.

Trooper 2

Trooper 3

Trooper 4

Trooper 5

and another picture of my bas


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