Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flood lights

G'day all

well once again its been a while since i posted something, mainly because of study commitments. well today i think il post some more pics of my basilisk :) i like that tank. I didn't show it in the first post, but the tank actually has some flood lights that can be attached to it.








If anyone is reading this, please leave a comment it would be very much appreciated.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Been a while since i posted anything (mainly because of study commitments, and the fact that no one reads this) so today ill post some pictures of my Leman Russ, Chimera without its Squad, and a Sentinel (i don't actually use the sentinel in my army, i just liked the model ). there not great paint jobs, but i like them.

Leman Russ

155 points for it and its 3 heavy bolter sponsons

Leman russ 1

Leman Russ 2


90 points. multi-laser heavy bolter and extra Armour

Chimera 1

Chimera 4

Chimera 2

Chimera 3


45 points multi-laser

Sentinel  1

Sentinel 2

and thats it from me today, once again sorry about the bad spelling, and photos.

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Platoon

Well as it is a holiday for me ill post a second post today. This time its my first platoon in my Hykron 3rd army. they are drop troops, basicly they capture my objectives for me :). (and die pretty quickly )

Platoon HQ

51 points for them and there power sword and flamer (great squad there good in close combat well at least as good as guardsman get)


Squad 1

70 points for these 10 guys and a plasma gun


Squad 2

68 points for these guys and there grenade launcher (these things are great in the new rules for blast templates

Squad 2

Squad 3

70 points again for them and there melta gun

Squad 3

Remnants Squad 1

40 points for these 5 guys and their melta (great for deep striking behind tanks)

RemSquad 1

Remnants Squad 2

well im not strictly aloud to have these guys in the same platoon (there actually from my second platoon) but they work more with these guys.

42 points for 6 guys and a flamer

Rem Squad 2

Total points = 341


And now for my second post

today post is my only Elite choice in my Hykron 3rd (that’s my army :)) 1500point guard army

100 points of stormtroopers: 8 Stormtroopers 2 Plasma Guns


there made from normal Cadians, but with Catachan (I think I spelt them right) legs. There hell guns are made from bolt guns and wire.

Trooper 1

sorry about the bad photography. One day ill learn how to use this camera. Now incase someone is actually reading this (and if you are thank you for wasting…. I mean errr… no actually that’s what it is wasting you time) I don’t really like these guys something about them just doesn’t seem right. Now ill just post some more of them.

Trooper 2

Trooper 3

Trooper 4

Trooper 5

and another picture of my bas


Sunday, August 10, 2008

First post by Commander Quill

Welcome to the First post by Commander Quill

Yes this is just another Guard Blog, and well no there's not really anything different about it, except all the models are mine, and ive painted them. but before i start posting the pictures, a little bit about me and my army.

Ive been playing guard now for 4 Years. started back in 2004 with the release of "The Lord Of The Rings Battle Games in Middle-earth" a magazine that came with several models pain and information. about a year latter and the renationalisation that nobody played lord of the rings anymore i changed to guard. So then began my first Guard army Cadian 8th (yes just like everyone else who starts collecting guard) perhaps one day ill post a few pics from that army. that army lasted for a year, before realizing that it lacked any personal touch (not including my bad painting) by this time it was time for city's of death to be released so why not start a new guard army. one stormtroopers based army latter. after that i played Eldar for a while and eventual back to guard.

that's enough about me and my guard history. time to post the first picture
Thats my most recent tank, The Basilisk. i personally love this tank one huge big gun.