Monday, November 23, 2009

Valkyrie Project Day 2

G’day All

Well today im going to post some more pics of my Valkyrie project, bloody Australian heat, and a non air-conditioned house, means painting is almost impossible (paint dries to the brush before the u even reach the dam model), so most of the was done in a couple of hours after sunset.

Ive only painted the inside so far, ive gone for the rusty old look, with plenty of mud. There are no lights in the model just yet, but im heading into town tomoro so ill pic up some red led lights.

So here are some pics of the inside. If you would like me to make a more detailed description of how I painted them, just comment and ill do it.


Ive got a couple of questions for any one who’s reading this ,
1. what do u think so far?
2. is there a way to reply to comments (not to good with the hole computer thing)


1 comment:

the other Kevin said...

Some good work so far, especially considering working through the heat.
Only way to comment on a comment is to add another comment and hope the previous commenter has checked the block to be emailed follow-up comments. Whew! ;)